A Cord of Three Strands…

A Cord of Three Strands…

“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

I cannot talk about our summer hosting journey without mentioning the five other amazing families in our area who hosted this summer as well. If a cord of three strands is not quickly broken, then a cord of SIX strands must be nearly indestructible!

When we signed up to host last Christmas, we were so blessed to meet the New Horizons for Children coordinator for the Midwest region–Jenelle Cozza. She is amazing and has a huge heart for orphans…AND she attends our church! It was incredible to have the support and knowledge and prayer covering of Jenelle right in our backyard.

As soon as we signed up to host, I started praying that God would burden the hearts of more families in our area to host. And little did I know that there was already someone praying this exact same prayer IN MY CHURCH who had heard about New Horizons before I even knew it existed! My (new) friend Sarah and I met one Sunday after church at the beginning of the sign-up for summer hosting. She had been praying about hosting last fall but was not able to host until the summer. When I learned this, I realized we were both answers to each other’s prayers! I love it when God gives us a chance to see His hand at work!

Sarah and I were working on some other families, praying and coaxing and answering questions. And there were two other families who just “happened” to stumble upon information about New Horizons. We hosted some informational meetings to answer questions that people had about hosting (and in some cases to “sell” the idea to the husbands or wives if the other spouse wasn’t quite convinced!). God brought together six amazing families who have prayed and supported each other through the whole journey.

Summer 2013 NHFC host families--our joint fundraiser at Chik-fil-A

Summer 2013 NHFC host families–our joint fundraiser at Chik-fil-A

These fellow host moms are very special friends. We have shared the ups and downs of hosting–the nerves and fears of the airport arrivals, the sadness and tears of the airport departures. The language and culture barriers, the bonding issues, the arguments over attending church, the sometimes overwhelming needs of the kids–our bio kids and host kids!

For the people who are questioning whether or not their families should host, I would say the friendships I have had the chance to cultivate are worth the price of admission! And it is an honor to pray for these mamas and their families, to do battle with them against the kingdom of darkness, to be challenged to draw closer to God with them, and to know that no matter what, God has brought us together for a purpose. A purpose that includes loving and fighting for children that the world has forgotten. A purpose that we never would have dreamed for ourselves.

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you” Philipians 1:3