Beauty from Ashes


She is coming this summer.

God is faithful; He is good and He does good. And that truth does not change based on our external circumstances.

There is still pain. There is still hurt. We may never know the whole story on this side of eternity.  It is M’s story, and it is an important story. God knows her story. And He cares.

He cared enough about a little orphan girl that He wove her story together with ours. He chose for us to be together at Christmas time. He mobilized an army of prayer warriors on her behalf. She is not simply a statistic or a nameless face. She is known and she is loved.

I will always question why ashes appear in our stories. I want the beauty without the pain. But I am thankful that God promises to make beauty out of the ashes. I am thankful that Jesus came and took on an earthly body to show us that He cares and understands. I am so thankful that Jesus meets our needs on an individual level.

He could have spoken into the crowds that followed Him–healing everyone in an instant. But He took the time to touch each individual need: bending down to learn names, laying hands on the sick, giving hope and comfort. Then at the end of the day, He had them sit down on the grassy place so He could feed them.

How great is our God.

Beautiful Things by Gungor